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Keti's deeply Somatic approach to beautiful, natural Bellydance is culturally & musically enriched. Featuring LIVE Egyptian music & drum rhythms, her unique, wholistic teaching style promotes fully-embodied dance artistry; for dance that is earthy, hypnotic, expressive & ultimately - powerfully healing.

22 Week A-Z Bellydance BLITZ Starts JUL 22, 2024 

Join Keti's HALF PRICE 22 Week A-Z Bellydance Teacher Training Jul 22- Dec 22, 2024!
Normally $1200, now join for just $600! Click to enrol, use code BLITZ to get 50% off
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Keti's Workshops 2024

MAY 18-23 Playa Del Carmen, MEXICO 
Playa Del Carmen Irene Basto

MAY 25 Los Angesles, USA 
Los Angeles LA Dance Academy
10am-12 Somatic Wkshop BOOK
2-4pm Farida NEW Book Presentation & launch Roxxanne

JUN 29 Cairo, EGYPT
Cairo Farida Fahmy's GALA International Book Launch Below

Berry ABDC with Sam BOOK

JUL 15-16 Shellharbour, NSW, AUSTRALIA
Shellharbour, Astarte Studio BOOK

SEP 20-22 Torquay, ENGLAND
Torquay Bellyspa Workshops Jan

SEP 28-29 Antwerp, BELGIUM
Antwerp Workshops contact Kayla

Plus ongoing classes Keti's studio - Blue Lotus Room
2/23 Rudloc Rd, Morley, WA

Saqqara, May 1-5, 2025

    Join a life-changing 5 Day Somatic Dance and Drumming retreat with Keti Sharif featuring LIVE music in Saqqara, Egypt. The event is held at a private rustic retreat venue, with meditation and visits to the Saqqara Pyramid and sacred alabaster temples of the Sun God Ra in Abu Sir.

    Held in the heart of Saqqara, Egypt's ancient Pharaonic centre,  this retreat offers a deep exploration of the ecstatic musical body, with sound healing, drumming with Sufi percussion and music. Ancient and esoteric wisdom and artistry imbues workshops and excursions, and each participant will decorate their own sacred Dof (frame drum) with sacred symbols and designs. Explore mindful movement and discover healing, meditative sound and drumming, as a transcendental practice. Features LIVE EGYPTIAN music!

NEW! A-Z Bellydance 6 Month Master Teacher & Performer Course Starts Sep 1st 2024

    NEW TRAINING COURSE FEATURING LIVE MUSIC & STUNNING LANDSCAPE FROM DESERT TO SEA!! Keti's newest A-Z course is filmed live on location in Egypt & at Blue Lotus Room, in Australia! Get Ready for a BRAND NEW A-Z Bellydance Master Teacher & Performer Training Course in 2024! Enjoy new Egyptian & World music, multi-genre, with new compositions, new rhythms, modern choreos, exciting class plans, wellness programs & more!

    This incredibly in-depth course of 5 levels takes you from a powerful, solid core of somatics, culture, technique & musicality - into soaring heights of artistry. Featuring a variety of genres for endless creative possibilities, you will enhance, hone and refine your practice. Bring out your best by embodying natural, musical, lyrical pathways that become your own, to express your artistry, your way. From traditional to modern, A-Z is a creative portal to cultivate your best bellydancing self. with Keti's "natur-Vis" approach - meaning "natural light" - where the teacher supports the uniqueness, light, creativity & genius within the participant. Mentoring & coaching is a major part of this course!

Join Classes with Keti & Sam @ Blue Lotus Room, Perth

Classes with Keti Sharif & percussionist Sam Nascimento at their dance studio in Morley. Classes & live music events!

Keti's A-Z Teacher Training Certification Courses Online

Learn from anywhere in the world via Teachable! Study Bellydance, Somatics, Cultural Arts & Wellbeing
One Year Complete Course.

NEW BOOK 'Farida: a Memoir'

Get the rare LIMITED EDITION collector's item coffee-table edition, written by Farida Fahmy & created by Keti Sharif - available to order now. Books are going very fast!


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