Meet the A-Z Bellydance Team

  • A-Z Bellydance is a combined effort with live music, mentors and many inspirations! Keti Sharif created the methodology with great inspiration from her teacher & mentor of over 25 years, Mahmoud Reda & the respected artist, Farida Fahmy.

    Meet the team and learn more about the inner workings & inspirations behind A-Z Bellydance. OUR GRADUATES & TEACHERS will be listed in Dec 2023.

A-Z Bellydance Creator & Teacher, Keti Sharif

  • A-Z Bellydance creator, Keti Sharif hosts the Sphinx Festival, Egypt. The Australian dance teacher, choreographer, film-maker & author of ‘Bellydance’ 2004, resided in Egypt for 20 years, performing in Cairo 
& abroad with Arabic musicians, whilst training Egyptian dance troupes. Specialising in Zaffah weddings, Keti’s audiences included Omar Sharif, Jermaine Jackson, King & Queen of Malaysia, Malaysian Prime Minister, Prince of Pahang, Prince Ahmed Ibrahim & the Princess of Morocco. 
Keti holds a BA in Middle Eastern Art History with research on Arabic Dance, Music & Culture, Sufi Astrology & Ancient Egyptian mythology.
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Percussionist Sam Nascimento

  • Live Percussion & Arabic music is a feature of the A-Z Bellydance courses. Together with percussionist Sam Nascimento, Keti runs the new 
‘Blue Lotus Room’ arts space in Perth, where they teach drum-dance classes. Sam has released a CD called ’40 Arabic Rhythms’ & his great drumming features in many A-Z Bellydance Lessons, plus live music.
Egyptian musicians feature in many of the A-Z lessons. Sam also teaches drumming at Schools & music schools for cultural education. His contribution to the course has brought uplifting energy to the live percussion section. See Sam's classes on the Rhythmic Essence website.
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Honouring Mahmoud Reda & Farida Fahmy

  • Keti honours the Egyptian roots of A-Z Bellydance, and wishes to acknowledge her mentors - Farida Fahmy & the late Mahmoud Reda, who inspired the development of A-Z. Keti archives Farida's valuable artistic legacy, & maintains her official website.

 Farida has had much valuable input into this course, including the Reda drills.

     “Keti understands the essence of Egyptian movement, the temperament of the Egyptian people & the subtlety 
of Arabic dance.” ~ Farida Fahmy
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Egyptian Musicians

  • Live Arabic music is a feature of the A-Z Bellydance courses. There are over 60 musicians involved in the creation of A-Z Bellydance music from percussionists to master Opera house classical musicians, to traditional Saiidi musicians. Baladi artists, soulful Cairean singers, Zaar, folkloric musicians and more feature in the music used and especially recorded for the A-Z Courses.
  • Visit Egypt with Keti Sep 30-Oct 12 2023 to experience authentic Egyptian cultural dancing with live music & enjoy the cultural richness of Egypt and the Red Sea with the Musical Heart of Egypt.

Dancers, Artists & Friends

  • Thanks to original A-Z course writer & Tribal dancer, Jilyan Andersen, for valuable input for the new Nawara Tribal - she came forth with the idea that A-Z Original already has perfect cues for Tribal styling! Shahira Mehrez's collection of traditional Egyptian costumes inspired an ethnic costume range that reflects the Desert dances of the Egyptian Sinai & Coastal areas. 
  • Blair Parkingson created stunning Ancient Egyptian props for the Pharaonic Lotus Series, and Virginia Masri, a respected fashion designer & friend, designed Pharaonic costumes with class & style. Thanks to Lotus dancers Caroline, Katia, Jilyan, Katherine & Virginia for many rehearsals & time spent on refining the Lotus series.

Focus on Wellbeing

  • A-Z Bellydance embraces Arabic dance as a deeply healing art. 
A-Z Bellydance blends Cultural Artistry with Somatics & Wellbeing. Keti’s professional development includes vast studies & Certifications:

  • * QiFit Instructor Training
  • * Body-Mind Centering, USA
  • * Bartenieff Training, USA
  • * Jin Shin Jyutsu Meridien Therapy
  • * Perinatal Fitness AFAA
  • * Australian Institute of Fitness AIF

  • * The Dancer’s Body, USA * Dr Martha Eddy (UNCG Dance Dept)

  • * Psycho-Neuro Immunology
  • * Knoff Yoga Teacher Certification

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