SOMATICA Bellydance Teacher Training Red Sea, Egypt Apr 20-25, 2025

    5 Day Training Course with Keti Sharif featuring LIVE music
    Join Keti in El Gouna resort on the Red Sea, for a deep Somatic exploration of the musical body; how to trust your senses to improvise with ultimate freedom, ease and confidence. Suits Bellydance Teachers and Performers, and is also ideal as a self-development practice! Features LIVE EGYPTIAN music. 

    - 30 hours of LIVE immersive Training with Keti
    - Live Egyptian Music & Percussion
    - Includes Study manual and CD resource
    - Exam/project presentation on final day
    - Gala Dinner & Certificate Ceremony final night


    Day 1: The Science and Art of Somatics
    Day 2: Somatics & Musicality through the lens of Bellydance
    Day 3: Somatics for Teaching, inc physical limitations, pregnancy, seniors
    Day 4: Somatic to Enhance your Bellydance Performance, inc Farida Fahmy's notes on stage presentation and artistic embodiment
    Day 5: Creating your own Somatic Bellydance program or practice
    Day 6: Free day with a GALA Dinner and performance celebration in the evening (included)

    Course is 30 hours - 9am-12noon & 3pm-6pm daily
    Course Fee: $1500 USD
    To book pay $500 USD deposit, balance due 1st Feb 2025
    Note: Participants music book their own transport & accomodation
    Join Facebook group for discussion & tips on accom and more!

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