About A-Z Bellydance Study Courses 2023

  • A-Z Bellydance Courses blend Somatic elements with Egyptian cultural dance & live Arabic music and rhythms. You’ll reference a wide spectrum of rhythms & authentic styles to enhance your musicality and cultural awareness. From these deep, Somatic roots, your dance can expand into many areas including modern, contemporary and fusion - with a true awareness of authentic Arabic dance; it's nuance and temperaments.
  • The refreshed year-long online study program features 16 Progressive Courses (delivered in 40 Modules) with brand new additions:
 40 Arabic Rhythms LIVE, Al Kawakib and AstroBelly Refilmed versions, Nawara Tribal & the theatrical Pharaonic inspired Lotus Series. Enjoy Reda Drills, referencing Keti's mentor, Farida Fahmy's rehearsal drills for rhythmic diversity, Keti's brand new Neo Raqs, plus freshly filmed, updated versions of the full suite of ALL A-Z Courses complete with Live stage performances.
  • Keti’s Somatic approach to Arabic dance deepens your internal sensing of movement & connection
 to music & rhythm. A-Z participants 
may attend live interactive Zoom classes each month at the spacious new Blue Lotus Room in Perth, and there are workshops in London, New York, Toronto and Singapore.

The 16 Courses (40 Modules)

  • The A-Z Teacher Training Course is Divided into 4 Levels (16 Courses)
  • You can choose Full Course Certification for professional development, all 16 modules, which entails exams for every Level. Or you may prefer Self-Study of individual modules, which does not require an exam. 
  • OPTION 1: Full Teacher Training 12 month Course Jan-Dec 2023, fully mentored Course starts Feb 1st. Course ends in Dec 2023. Or you can choose self-study, with 12 months to complete the course from date of enrollment. Certification upon graduation.
  • OPTION 2: Graduate update - 2019-2022 course graduates may purchase single courses to top up their training.
  • OPTION 3: Select individual study modules from levels 1-3. Level 4 requires 1-3 to be passed successfully.
What You'll Learn
Course 1 Somatics 
Course 2 Secrets of the Centre 
Course 3 40 Arabic Rhythms

Course 4  Arabic Musicality
Course 5 A-Z Original Bellydance
Course 6 Nawara Tribal
Course 7  Al Kawakib
Course 8 AstroBelly
Course 9  A-Z Advanced Bellydance
Course 10 Neo Raqs and Fusion
Course 11  Lotus Series 
Course 12  Reda Drills 
Course 13  Teacher Training
Course 15  Wellbeing & Fitness
Course 16 Bellydance Career Success 
How Your Dancing Improves
* A deep understanding of Arabic Dance
* Awereness of Arabic musicality & rhythms
* Fully integrated intenral pathways
* Joy & natural ease when dancing
* Deeper connection to gravity

* Sensuality, grace & fluidiity
* Sharper accents, stronger shimmies

* Better co-ordination & balance

* Effortless, flowing turns
* Confidence, dynamism, strength
* Remember moves easily in the moment
* Naturally integrate 80 sequences
* Less thinking - more feeling/sensing
* Vast dance & movement vocabulary
Module Delivery 2023 
* Pre-Course mentoring meeting to identify your goals and Course plan
* A-Z Courses are on Teachable
* Each lesson is 2 hours duration
* Delivery day is WEDNESDAY
* Participants have a whole week to complete each session (2 hours study)

* 30 min weekly practice  recommended
* All materials are yours to keep 
* Study manuals, videos, music mp3s
* Open forum available every week
* Ask questions or get feedback any time!
* Access to Private FB group
* 50% off any Live A-Z Workshops 

A-Z Bellydance is a Creative, Adaptable & Enduring Methodology

  • A-Z Bellydance has proven to be a solid, enduring & adaptable methodology with over 4000 students in 40 countries. Its key qualities are how easily & fully it enriches, deepens & improves the dancer’s entire experience of movement.
  • Keti’s sequences cover a wide spectrum of patterning innate to Arabic dance & music, which is fluid & easily adaptable. Embodiment of A-Z 
is achieved through sensing, mindful movement & the creation of new pathways.
  • A-Z Bellydance is one of the few courses that is suitable for dancers of multiple & diverse genres. The simple reason is that the Somatic, musical & cultural elements within the A-Z Bellydance courses are roots-based essentials that work at the deepest foundational levels.
  • A-Z students, teachers 
& performers have been growing in diverse & creative ways; from traditional roots to modern Raqs Sharqi & contemporary Fusion styles. A-Z Bellydance enjoys 
an inclusive community that has supported students & teachers worldwide for 25 years.

All rights reserved Keti Sharif, A-Z Bellydance. Copyright 2023. 
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