Drum & Dance Workshops with Sam & Keti @ Astarte Private Studio, Shellharbour NSW 15-16 July

Join Keti's & Sam's workshops in Shellharbour in July 2024!

    Enrich and deepen your sensory experience of  Egyptian Drumming and Earthy Bellydancing - with Rhythm, Heart & Soul. It's a sensory drumming and dancing feast in Shellharbour! Thanks to our friend and A-Z Graduate Teacher and Assessor, Kylie Morrison. She is also a long time student of Sam's! Here is what these workshops offer:

    DRUMMING: Sam's great Darbuka technique workshop builds your rhythmic acuity.

    DANCING WITH DOFS: Then get ready for Keti's exciting new Nawara Sun Dance with Dof dance workshop, new to her repertoire.

    MODERN PULSE8 TASTER: Plus you can try out Keti's fun & fiery Pulse8 Bellydance 45 minute super-session, infused with lively modern Cairean elements. 

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Astarte Private Studio
88 Devonshire Crescent, Oak Flats, 2529, Shellharbour, NSW, Australia
Workshop #1: Monday 15th July
Time: 5:15-6pm
Cost: $25 / 45 mins
Pulse8 Bellydance Bellydance Class  
Keti's most popular class in Perth! 45 minute super-session, infused with lively modern Cairean elements - plus a Qi Gong cool down blended with bellydance moves. The music is a non-stop medley of infectious Cairean hits from Egypt's latest chart-toppers. The movements and dance style is uplifting, pilse8-ing and based on both healing Somatics as well as a great A-Z Bellydance set of drills and awesome variations. to build skills. Cool down with healing Qi-Gong.
Workshop #2: Monday 15th July
Time: 6pm-8pm
Cost: $75 / 2 hours
Sam's Darbuka workshop
Sam's great Darbuka technique workshop builds your rhythmic acuity - learn techniques, rhythms and ways to enhance your drumming! He has the ability to hone in on where you need to focus your energy and change your position slightly to achieve a better sound and more natural, easy playing style. You will also learn some great rhythms and techniques for embellishing the base of these rhythms. If you are interested in a drum there is a selection available at sam's shop at www.egyptiandrums.com.
Workshop #3: Tuesday 16th July
Time: 6pm-8pm
Cost: $75 / 2 hours
Nawara 'Sun Dance' workshop
BRAND NEW sensual, earthy and lively Nawara 'SunDance' Workshop where we celebrate Egyptian/North African inspired dance as a group and play dof (frame drum)! Plus you'll enjoy LIVE drumming by Sam, with his  mini dof lesson as part of the new Sun Dance rhythms. You will learn how to step and sway, shimmy and undulate to new exotic rhythms. Frame drums are quite cheap to buy from any music store or REMO dealer., 12" or 14" is a good size!
Book a Private Drum Class with Sam:
Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th July

Cost: $100 / 1 hour 1 person or $150 for two
Private Classes
Enjoy a private drum class with Sam, whether its Dof or Darbuka you wish to learn to improve. Sam's attention to detail plus exercises he will give you can dramatically improve your playing technique, ease  and feel! Book your spot and simply top up with $50 if you bring a second person. Click to book.

MON 2-3pm (available)  MON 3-4pm (BOOKED)
TUES 11am-12 (available)  TUES 12-1pm (available)
TUES 2pm-3pm (available)  TUES 3pm-4pm BOOKED

Discount for all 3 Workshops - $15 off 

Thanking our wonderful host, Kylie Morrison, of Astarte Studio, Shellharbour!