A-Z BELLYDANCE 'The Complete Collection' Master Course with Keti Sharif

NEW! The A-Z Bellydance6 Month Master Teacher & Performer Course Starts Sep 1st 2024

    NEW ' A-Z Bellydance "The Complete Collection" MASTER TRAINING COURSE Sep 2024-April 2025 FEATURES LIVE MUSIC & STUNNING LANDSCAPE FROM DESERT TO SEA!! Keti's ultimate A-Z course is filmed live on location in Egypt & at Blue Lotus Room, in Australia! Get Ready for a BRAND NEW A-Z Bellydance Master Teacher & Performer Training Course in 2024! Enjoy new Egyptian & World music, multi-genre, with new compositions, new rhythms, modern choreos, exciting class plans, wellness programs & more!

    This incredibly in-depth course of 5 levels takes you from a powerful, solid core of somatics, culture, technique & musicality - into soaring heights of artistry. Featuring a variety of genres for endless creative possibilities, you will enhance, hone and refine your practice. Bring out your best by embodying natural, musical, lyrical pathways that become your own, to express your artistry, your way. From traditional to modern, A-Z is a creative portal to cultivate your best bellydancing self. with Keti's "natur-Vis" approach - meaning "natural light" - where the teacher supports the uniqueness, light, creativity & genius within the participant. Mentoring & coaching is a major part of this course!

A-Z Bellydance 6 Month Master Course


* 5 x Levels  - each with a fun exam to boost your skills!
* 5 x Zoom Master Classes (total 10 hours) with other participants
* 5 x Private Personal Coaching Calls with your own A-Z Mentor
* 5 x Personal Assessment VIDEO Reports by Keti
* NEW Practice Log Book!

* 30 Weeks of Deep Teacher & Performer Training Workshops (2 hours each week) delivered on Sundays  featuring clear instructional videos, study manual as printable ebook & audio MP3.
Note: Materials are yours to keep forever as your references & resources

* 90 Modules @ 40 minutes per module (video) = 2 hours weekly
* 20 minute personal practice exercise to log after each module:
* Plus Ebook & Audio MP3 for each module
* 60 x newly recorded practice Rhythms to download
* 60 x songs (used in choreos) all yours to download & use!

* 90 Core Moves (with modifications) as quick'n'easy app downloads
* Over 100 A-Z Bellydancing Pathways (Keti's Sequences) w/variations
* 60 Great Choreographies (solo & group) all with music tracks!
* New Pulse8 Bellydance Fitness Program
* How to Teach or Utilise the Sequences
* How to use the Sequences in Performance

New Live Music :: Filmed on Location :: New Choreos :: New Props, formations plus LIVE group pieces :: BONUS Guests Presenting new Modern fusion classes! TEACHING RESOURCES FOR LIFE!

6 Month Master Course / 30 Weeks

DATES: SEP 1ST 2-24 to APRIL 20th 2025

- SEP Level 1: Foundations with Live Egyptian Instruments & Darbuka (5 weeks)

Explore Somatics, 60 Rhythms, Musicality, 120 Core Moves all to live music!

- OCT-NOV Level 2: A-Z Original Suite, AstroBelly & Nawara - w/Live band (9 weeks)
A-Z Original with choreos on stage & props, Nawara with Dof & Sagat, AstroBelly & Al Kawakib w/Live Egyptian Music

- JAN-FEB Level 3: A-Z Advanced suite w/Live band - stagecraft (9 weeks)
A-Z Advanced with choreos on stage & props, Lotus Series performed on Stage, Reda Drills w/Live Darbuka in Egypt with Reda members, plus new Neo-Raqs & Fusion with Guest artists (dark fusion, contemporary, props and more.

- MAR Level 4: Bellydance for Wellness and Healing (4 weeks)
New Bellydance for wellness, pregnancy, seniors & physical limitations. New Pulse8 Bellydance Fitness and health programs - complete with music & instructor training!

- APR Level 5: Career, Creativity and Community 3 weeks)

BRAND New Bellydance career course, with business skills, marketing, community vision, events and how to create your successful bellydance career or community involvement.


A-Z Bellydance 'The Complete Collection' Master Teacher and Performer Training Course runs weekly as a scheduled LIVE course.

Start date: Sep 1st 2024 on Teachable
Finish Date: April 20th 2025
Graduation: April 27th 2025

Course Fee is $1800 USD 
Includes Entire Course Content (to keep for Life), Live Zoom Masterclasses, Personal Coaching Calls and Assessment plus weekly delivery of Modules
(Regular price if buying each course separately, along with the extra materials, personal mentorship, personal assessment reports and Zoom Master classes would be $2800)
There is no payment plan available, it is an upfront study commitment.

A-Z Graduate Discount - Graduates of the official 2019-2022 Courses receive a huge discount of $1200 USD, if they enrolling in a course repeat (all new materials) for just $600 USD. Please contact Keti to receive your private link.