Radiate 4th-10th Jan 2024 

  • Keti's most enriching Teacher & Performer Training experience yet with special guest instructor Kylie Morrison (NSW), plus live drumming by Sam Nascimento and musical guests. Deep-dive into Somatics & A-Z methodology; one of the world's longest running, most comprehensive ongoing Teacher Training courses for 25 years, endorsed by Farida Fahmy. Developed and distilled in EGYPT with live music, A-Z Bellydance offers a deeply somatic, cultural, musical immersion into Bellydance techniques to create strong, wise teachers and confident performers.  22 places available.

You are Invited to Radiate 2024!


    Dear dancers, welcome to my immersive live training at the beautiful Blue Lotus Room in Perth. I'm excited to share the latest developments in the A-Z Methodology, coupled with the deep, somatic, musical and cultural benefits to wellbeing and strength for dancers wishing to enhance their career in this wonderful art.

    My passion for bellydance began at the age of 17, and at 18 Bellydance helped my body and spirit heal for a traumatic life-threatening car accident. Since I started teaching, from the age of 19, my teaching has been guided intensively with ENERGY - to get dancers feeling a deeper, more authentic sensing of their whole body's inner landscape & how to radiate their energy outwards into the world.

    Many healing modalities interface with the A-Z Methodology, creating a wholistic system for teachers to expand in their preferred direction. I'm dedicated to my development as a teacher and mentor, constantly updating my own training in Egyptian dance, Music & Rhythms, Somatics, Fitness and Anatomy, Meridian therapy, Qi Gong, and wellbeing practices. I've trained many teachers & performers to embrace their own energetic strengths! My mentors are all pioneers and excel in their field, including Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy and Somatic professor, Dr Martha Eddy.

    As dancers, we RADIATE, that's what allows us to capture & enjoy the musical moment so beautifully. You can take any choreography & own it when your own essence shines, & improvising becomes easy. It's been a privilege to have shared these happy moments with so many dancers. If anyone is interested in a week of LIVE training this summer in PERTH, Western Australia, I'm running a Bellydance Teacher & Performer intensive 4-10 Jan 2024. Perth dance sisters are happy to offer rooms to travelling guests.

Bellydancers, Radiate Your Light & Inspire others to Shine their Light!

Join me if you wish to:

- Deepen your entire Bellydance-Life experience - full integration into your Joyful Being
- Become a more fluent, professional Teacher who understand true technique, culture, musicality
- Be able to apply enriching Somatic leadership to bring the best out of your students
- Become a more creative, confident performer and Troupe leader
- Become more proficient and unique in your Business and Career as a Bellydance professional

– Keti Sharif

Director & Choreographer A-Z Bellydance

Special Guest Kylie Astarte Morrison (NSW)

  • Welcoming our special guest teacher, Kylie Morrison! Kylie is an extremely talented, versatile dancer - performer, troupe director and teacher, and is the winner of the A-Z Bellydance FANTASY & FUSION Award in 2023. With her background in teaching, fitness and experience running a studio for many years, she is the ideal "right-hand teacher" to instruct alongside Keti. Together, they teach, correct, support and make sure you are getting plenty of personal attention during the course. Kylie is also teaching several prop and fusion workshops, including double veil, sword, hoop and more,

    Kylie is the owner and director of Astarte Mind & Body and Astarte Studio Belly Dance & Fusion. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Leader, with over 20 years experience in the fitness industry. She specialises in fitness, body-mind movement practices and bellydancing for Older Adults, Pilates, Barre, and restorative mind body based exercise to promote mobility, strength, fitness and general wellbeing. With over 25 years experience in the art of bellydance and fusion, having taught and performed professionally across Australia, she specialises in traditional and contemporary Raqs Sharqi, contemporary fusion, FCBD style, and is a certified teacher in A-Z Bellydance Original and Advanced methodology, Nawara and AstroBelly - and has successfully integrated these modalities into her teaching and performances for many years.

    Kylie is versatile, artistic and creative, with a focus on great technique and fun exploration of character and personae through bellydancing.

RADIATE 2024 Training Schedule

  • Day 1: Fri 4th Jan Somatics, Rhythms, Musicality
    9am-10am Somatics and Healing principals for Bellydance 
    10am-4pm 120 Bellydance Moves, 40 Arabic Rhythms, Musicality for Bellydancers (live music)
  • Day 2: Sat 5th Jan AstroBelly, Al Kawakib, A-Z Seeds/Elements
    9am-12pm AstroBelly and Al Kawakib 
    1pm-4pm A-Z Original Seeds with NEW Choreos
  • Day 3: Sun 6th Jan A-Z Original & Nawara
    9am-12pm A-Z Original with NEW Choreographies / Baladi, classical, fusion, props, formations
    1pm-4pm Nawara with Dof/Sagat, drumming class
    Evening: Filming of Participant's Stage Performances
  • Day 4: Mon 7th Jan A-Z Advanced & Lotus Series
    9am-12pm A-Z Advanced with NEW Choreos, Double Veil & Sword with Kylie
    1pm-4pm Lotus Series with Theatre dances
  • Day 5: Tue 8th Jan Neo-Raqs & Reda Drills
    9am-12pm Neo-Raqs Modern Fusion & Reda Drills to 8 live rhythms
    1pm-4pm Performance & Stagecraft for dynamic performance
  • Day 6: Wed 9th Jan Excursion & Professional Photoshoot
    EXCURSION - Glamorous Professional Photoshoots in Stunning Natural Backdrops, Troupe Film Clip
  • Day 7: Thu 10th Jan The Professional Bellydancer - Leadership
    9am-4pm Teacher Training, Bellydance for Wellness, Business Success
    Plus Professional photo Shoot for Teachers and Troupe Filming of Stage Performances
  • How to Book:
    - Complete 7 Day Live Training Program is $1800 Aud ($1200 USD)
    - Pay 50% ($900 Aud / $600 USD) now to book your place (places are strictly limited to 22 x full course positions)
    - Pay balance of 50% is due Nov 1st 2023
    - Questions? Email Keti office@ketisharif.com to book as there are very limited places available

Beach, Pinnacles, Sand dunes! Bellydance Photoshoots in Costume



Sand dunes

Participants have a CHOICE to undertake the training for Personal Development (no exams) or A-Z Teacher Certification (with exams), which requires attendance of 7 Day Course, plus 2024 ONLINE COURSE PACK (40 modules). Discounted to just $300 USD EXTRA (normally $1200 USD) via Teachable. 4 x Exams, completed within 12 months by Dec 20th, 2024. Course pack may be purchased at the time of the live training, Jan 2024. *Exemption for those already enrolled in A-Z Teacher Trainings 2019-2023.

*Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all participants.


Blue Lotus Room, Perth, Western Australia

2/23 Rudloc Rd, Morley, WA

  • 5 min walk from Morley Bus Station and Galleria
Bus: 980 from Perth, 950 from Fremantle

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Hurry! The offer is limited to 22 Participants Only! International guests welcome.

RADIATE 7 Day Life-changing Bellydance Course $1800 Aud ($1200 USD) Secure Your Place with 50% Deposit ($900) BOOK NOW! Balance due Nov 1st.

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