A-Z Bellydance 2022 Module 10

  • Level 4 A-Z TEACHER TRAINING, Module 10 A-Z Teacher Training *Includes Class Curriculum Plans

    Dates of Delivery Sep 20, 27, Oct 4, 11
  • Learn how to teach professionally, develop skills for effective teaching & communicating in class
  • Discover the three types of learners & how you can support their learning
  • Discover how to run a great Bellydance class from start to finish, from warm up, to establishing clear content & theme, to cool down
  • Become proficient at teaching rhythms, techniques & A-Z sequences with Somatic language & awareness
  • Learn about the importance of footwork & visual cues whilst teaching & how to turn and face students so they may follow the correct side (avoid confusion, give clarity)
  • Learn how to present A-Z sequences in class & for group choreography - create your own dances
  • Create curriculum for bellydance classes & workshops
  • Learn how to assess & support your students learning process
  • Cost (individual) $270 USD
    4 lessons, 8 hours total study required (only available in Full Course or as graduate top up)