A-Z Bellydance 2022 Module 1

  • Level 1 FOUNDATIONS, Module 1 Somatics for Bellydance

    Dates of Delivery Feb 1, 8
    NEW refreshed course
  • Learn the language of Somatics & understand how the energy of movement applied to bellydancing. This language informs the rest of the A-Z Course.
  • Improve your posture, technique, balance, graviception & weight sensing skills.
  • Learn about Somatic Fundamentals - Bartenieff Levels of Body Connectivity
  • Discover the physics of the Laban Efforts and Physical Energy Cube
  • Learn about the energetic qualities of the Elements - Earth, Water, Fire & Air and how this applies to bellydance music & movement
  • Explore musicality & music-movement relationships
  • Cost (individual) $90 USD - OUT NOW
    2 lessons, 4 hours total study required