A-Z Bellydance Celebration workshops in the London 1-2 July 2023! 

  • Join Keti Sharif & Sam Nascimento in London for LIVE A-Z Bellydance workshops to Celebrate the 25 Year Anniversary of A-Z worldwide!
  • Dates: London 1 & 2 July
  • Explore the newest A-Z concepts and enjoy Live Rhythms
  • Please enrol early as places are limited to 18 per workshop for quality tuition


Old Fulham Baths - 368 North End Road, Fulham, London​

  • BUSES: 14, 28, 391, 11, 295, G4, N14, N31 to Fulham Broadway. 74, 190 to Lillie Road
  • TUBE: 3 Mins to Fulham Broadway
  • OVERGROUND: 10 Mins to West Brompton
  • Parking - Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre
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London, Day 1: NAWARA
10am-1pm Saturday 1st July 

    Earthy Group Improv with Dof (Arabic Frame drum) & Sagat (finger cymbals)
    10am-1pm (3 hour intensive with notes) @ Dance Attic Studio
    Cost £75   BOOK  ** Bring a Dof (if you have one) & Sagat
  • * Earthy * Rhythmic * Hypnotic * Connected *Explore the Elements
  • “Imagine dancing under the moonlight, in a circle of dancers playing the moon-shaped Dof. Your feet sense the cool desert sand as your hips sway to hypnotic rhythms. The dancers form a crescent moon to reflect the night Sky, as feet connect to Mother Earth.”

    In Ancient Egyptian folklore, the Dof represented the moon and was primarily played by women.
 Discover a rich, earthy dance style inspired by traditional rhythms and movements from Egypt's deserts, Nile and coastal regions. Enjoy a spirit of connection and celebration as you dance to live percussion and play Dof in circular group formation. Nawara means ‘light’ and features a ‘crescent moon’ and lunar theme, which brings in the Elements.

London, Day 1: REDA DRILLS
2pm-4pm Saturday 1st July

  • WORKSHOP 2: NEW REDA DRILLS (with 8 Live Rhythms)
    2pm-4pm (2 hours) @ Dance Attic Studio
    Cost £50   BOOK   ** Bring a Cane
  • * Robust Movement  * Egyptian Rhythms  * Floor Patterns  * Nimble Footwork   
  • "Mahmoud Reda's multi-rhythmic teaching method enhanced the proficiency of performing members and physically prepared newcomers to learn dances from the repertoire."
    ~ Farida Fahmy

    As part of the Original Reda troupe's daily warm up, dancers practiced a series of dance drills to 8 Live Egyptian rhythms, played on Darbuka. These essential sequences trained their bodies to understand the footwork and movement needed for stage. Learn 8 nimble sequences to Live darbuka, harnessing the energy of each unique rhythm. Keti provides easy short-cuts to make it simple to remember each sequence.

London, Day 2: LOTUS SERIES
10am-1pm Sunday 2nd July 

  • WORKSHOP 3: NEW LOTUS SERIES (Pharaonic Theatre)
    10am-1pm (3 hours) @ Dance Attic Studio
    Cost £75  BOOK
  • * Symbolic  * Isis Allegory  * Feminine * Powerful *Explore Ancient Egypt
  • “A sacred circle of priestesses pay homage to Isis, the divine Maiden, Mother, Lover and Crone. The dancers embody three of the many faces of Isis; Hathor (Goddess of Love), Isis (Golden Goddess) and Serkhet (Scorpion Deity).”

    Learn to perform three dances depicting stories from ancient Egyptian mythology, through a blend of Bellydancing and symbolism.
 Discover sensual yet celebratory dance-arts inspired by the movements and postures of Ancient Egyptian dances (as researched by Professor Randa Baligh, Egyptologist). Learn how to create your own Pharaonic props and costumes if you wish to perform these dances at a later date for your school or student party. 

London, Day 2: NEO RAQS
2pm-4pm Sunday 2nd July

  • WORKSHOP 4: NEW NEO RAQS with Veil 
    2pm-4pm (2 hours) @ Dance Attic Studio
    Cost £50    BOOK    ** Bring a Veil
  • * Fresh  * Fluid  * Sensual  * Playful  * Refined
  • “Playfully feminine, Neo Raqs draws on Cairean / Egyptian temperament and aesthetics, blended with fusion elements. It is an opportunity to represent different characters we may have met on our journey, through dance, as we also celebrate a variety of expressions of self.”

    Expand your dancing into new territory as you embrace a fresh style of Raqs Sharqi that honours the classical roots of the art, whilst infusing it with a modern twist. Enjoy lyrical, conversational songs and new moves for stage or entertainment. Live drum accompaniment for energy and fun!

Discount if joining all 4 London Workshops Sat & Sun (Save £20)