About A-Z Bellydance Study Courses 2022

  • A-Z Bellydance Courses blend Somatic elements with Egyptian cultural dance & live music. You’ll reference a wide spectrum of rhythms & authentic styles to enhance your musicality.
  • The refreshed year-long online study program features 12 Modules with brand new additions:
 40 Arabic Rhythms, Sufi AstroBelly, Nawara Tribal & the Pharaonic inspired Lotus Series, plus freshly filmed, updated versions of the full suite of A-Z Courses with stage performances.
  • Keti’s Somatic approach to Arabic dance deepens your internal sensing of movement & connection
 to music & rhythm. A-Z participants 
may attend live interactive Zoom classes each month at the spacious new Blue Lotus Room in Perth.

The 12 Course Modules

  • The A-Z Teacher Training Course is Divided into 4 Levels (12 Modules)
  • You can choose Full Course Certification for professional development, all 12 modules. Or you may prefer Self-Study of individual modules. 
  • OPTION 1: Full Teacher Training 6 month Course Jul-Dec 2022, Certification upon graduation.
  • OPTION 2: Graduate update - 2019-2021 course graduates may purchase single courses to top up their training.
  • OPTION 3: Select individual study modules from levels 1-3 (no exam, non-certified). Note: Level 4 Teacher Training is not available with this option, as Levels 1-3 are pre-requisites.
What You'll Learn
Module 1 Somatics 
Module 2 Secrets of the Centre 
Module 3 40 Arabic Rhythms

Module 4  A-Z Original Bellydance
Module 5 Nawara Tribal
Module 6 AstroBelly Sufi 
Module 7 A-Z Advanced Bellydance
Module 8 Lotus Series 
Module 9 Reda Drills 
Module 10 Teacher Training
Module 11 Performance 
Module 12 Wellbeing & Fitness
How Dancing Improves
* Joy & natural ease when dancing
* Deeper connection to gravity

* Sensuality, grace & fluidiity
* Sharper accents, stronger shimmies

* Better co-ordination & balance

* Effortless, flowing turns
* Confidence, dynamism, strength
* Remember moves easily in the moment
* Naturally integrate 72 sequences
* Less thinking - more feeling/sensing
* Vast dance & movement vocabulary
Module Delivery 2022 
* A-Z Courses are on Teachable
* Each lesson is 2-4 hours duration
* Delivery day is FRIDAY
* Participants have a whole week to complete each session (4 hours study)

* All materials are yours to keep 
* Study manuals, videos, music mp3s
* Open forum available every week
* Ask questions or get feedback any time!
* Access to Private FB group 

A-Z Bellydance is a Creative, Adaptable & Enduring Methodology

  • A-Z Bellydance has proven to be a solid, enduring & adaptable methodology with over 4000 students in 40 countries. Its key qualities are how easily & fully it enriches, deepens & improves the dancer’s entire experience of movement.
  • Keti’s sequences cover a wide spectrum of patterning innate to Arabic dance & music, which is fluid & easily adaptable. Embodiment of A-Z 
is achieved through sensing, mindful movement & the creation of new pathways.
  • A-Z Bellydance is one of the few courses that is suitable for dancers of multiple & diverse genres. The simple reason is that the Somatic, musical & cultural elements within the A-Z Bellydance courses are roots-based essentials that work at the deepest foundational levels.
  • A-Z students, teachers 
& performers have been growing in diverse & creative ways; from traditional roots to modern Raqs Sharqi & contemporary Fusion styles. A-Z Bellydance enjoys 
an inclusive community that has supported students & teachers worldwide for nearly 25 years.

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